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Every tree is important

In this page you will be able to register and contribute to the collection of tree phenotypes. Whether you want to add a single tree or a full forest, everybody is welcome to participate.

By registering here you will be able to:
  • Vote to include your favourite species in the project
  • Add phenotypic and environmental records for trees
  • Participate in the selection of species leaders
  • Make use of available data (with some restrictions*)
  • And, most important of all, contribute to the advance of science and the protection of our forest

Any question on registration of any other aspect of this public science project, please contact us.

*We will be making the data collected through the Treetype project freely available, subject only to the user contacting the Treetype managers to confirm their interest and intentions. It will be expected that any use of the data for publications or reports makes a clear reference to the project and offers those Treetype contributors who have been directly involved in collection of the relevant data the opportunity to be involved in collaborative work. This is not an expectation that any contributor should be a co-author on any publication arising from the data, but rather that all contributors should be made aware of the data use, should be offered an opportunity for involvement, and would receive appropriate acknowledgement of any significant intellectual input.

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