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Selection of species to record phenotypes in TreeType is based on a voting system (to nominate new species see below). You can see a pie chart based on the number of votes each species has received. Once a species has a minimum critical mass (i.e. a minimum number of votes) it will be added to the database and a main contact will be identified among those voting for the species. Then data collection for this species can begin!

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Already nominated species
Species name User submitted Date submitted
Abies cilicicasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Abies nordmannianasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Acacia salignasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Acer pseudoplatanussaiddagdas2016-11-16
Aesculus hippocastanumsaiddagdas2016-11-16
Betula pendulastephan2015-04-21
Castanea sativasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Cedrus atlanticasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Cedrus brevifoliasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Cedrus deodarasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Cedrus libanisaiddagdas2016-11-16
Juniperus excelsasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Juniperus oxycedrussaiddagdas2016-11-16
Juniperus phoeniceasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Juniperus sabinasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Liquidambar orientalissaiddagdas2016-11-16
Picea abiesstephan2015-04-21
Picea orientalissaiddagdas2016-11-16
Pinus brutiasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Pinus nigradfinzgar2018-03-19
Pinus pinasterstephan2015-04-21
Pinus pineasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Platanus orientalissaiddagdas2016-11-16
Populus euphraticasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Populus nigrastephan2015-04-21
Prunus mahalebsaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus brantiisaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus cocciferasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus frainettosaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus hartwissianasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus ilexsaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus infectoriasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus ithaburensissaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus rubrasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Quercus virgilianasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Robinia pseudoacaciasaiddagdas2016-11-16
Salix albasaiddagdas2016-11-16