Tree ID: 265

Tree name: Ps4Ta , Species: Pinus sylvestris

Tree details

Latitude: 45.642282
Longitude: 25.584314
Altitude: 690
Country: Romania

Tree position

Site details:

Slope (%):
Orientation: SE
Topography (Macroscale): Flat
Topography (Mesoscale): Terrace
Rock coverage (%):
Soil: not available!
Soil acidity: not available!
Likely origin: not available!
Competition Index:
Closest TreesDBH [cm]Distance [cm]
Tree 1
Tree 2
Tree 3
Tree 4
Plant coverage (%):
<20 cm20-50 cm>50 cm


Date of Record: 30.03.2016
DBH, Diameter at 1.30 m (cm): 48
Height (m): 17.1
Crown size (m): 7.85
Stem form: Class A
Bark thickness (mm): 2.12
Number of fruits: 74
Seed mass (g): 0.73
Flowering (stage):
Bud flush (stage):
SLA, Specific leaf area (cm²): 30.28
Foliar damage (%):
Tree age: