How to record

How do I record data?

  1. Register with the website
  2. View the recording protocol for the species you are interested in. We provide two recording protocols, one with a minimum set of easy-to-measure traits and a second, more complete one, with more specialised measurements.
    We are currently recording for:
  3. Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) standard protocol and advanced protocol
    Sessile and pedunculate oaks (Quercus petraea and Q. robur) standard protocol and advanced protocol
    We provide also a field form to facilitate the data collection in the field.
  4. Identify the trees you will record data for. Please try to target:
    1. Five trees at a location (if you cannot manage five, any number will do, all the way down to only one, but five is best!). Please, avoid sampling adjacent trees.
    2. Trees that have seeded and grown naturally (again, if you are uncertain of the origins of your tree, any record is better than none). If possible, try to avoid trees with many small stems sprouting from the same base.
    3. Trees that you can label or mark permanently, in case you or someone else need to find the tree again to take additional measurements or for a second recording. Notice that you may require owner's permission to mark the tree.
  5. Record the location of the tree and its data (optionally take a photo of the tree)
  6. Enter your data into the entry page on the website (if you expect to have very many trees to enter, we also offer a spreadsheet entry method)
  7. Submit